1 minute read Published: 2020-11-26

Working on different projects we always deal with people's suggestions.

Do it that way! We must follow this methodology! Why can't we grab this tool into our application?

These and many other questions arise and usually there is someone responsible to regulate them. Sometimes there is no one in charge and project can become a mess if team members has different opinions on a same subject. World is a chaos and order at the same time so should our projects be.

To deal with proposals/suggestions/opinions from non-business related specialists I prefer to requests comments. And also request special format for proposals:

This format is heavily inspired by some blog posts of Yegor and industry best practices. It doesn't pretend to be a universal format, but it can give you an idea so you may end up with your own set of RFC's topics.

I had a luck to work in open-source project and you can look at some real examples of our RFCs.